Integral Counseling Center, LLC

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anais Nin

The decision to pursue therapy, to risk blossoming, is a courageous one. We may believe that we’ve run out of options, that we’ve reached the limits of our vision, our faith, our hope. Have you heard the story about the prisoner? He gazes longingly out through the tiny window in his cell, mesmerized by the prospect of freedom. This window is all he can see--he spends years with his face pressed against its cold, metal bars, fantasizing about escape. He finally gives up, turns around and sees that the door to his cell has been unlocked the whole time… What is your window and where is your door? Let’s look together.

I am honored to witness the life-force which propels us toward growth and change, and am deeply moved by humanity’s search for meaning. We may feel as though it is time to make changes in order to be in line with our highest capabilities and intentions. We know that the questions we are asking are profound and are seeking companionship as we traverse this new territory. In our work together, we will experience feelings with acceptance, curiosity, warmth and, yes, even humor, creating spaciousness for all aspects of ourselves.

We may realize that the old ways of doing things are no longer serving us. Sometimes we feel like we are our own worst enemy—we can’t do anything right, we doubt every decision we make and may no longer trust ourselves. We seek movement. I hold equal importance and respect, both the desire to change, as well as the safety of the structures we have created. I realize that an unraveling of patterns can be painful, and must be gradual in order to be sustainable. In this process, we will explore ways to connect with, and believe in, our own innate wisdom. We will examine the opinions we hold about ourselves and our potential, letting go of those that no longer serve us. Our work together will steer us toward integration, awareness, and clarity.

Based on traditional Western psychology, my work is also influenced by transpersonal, existential and spiritual perspectives of the human experience, especially as they pertain to change and healing. I work interactively, taking into account each unique individual's personality, desires, needs and goals. We may incorporate role playing, experiential exercises, dream work, past life regression, and brief meditations as tools to further growth.

Together, we will explore the many facets of humanness expressed by individuals. We will contextualize our experience as existing within a society and culture with values that sometimes support humanity and that are sometimes dehumanizing. In this process, we will work toward greater knowledge of the patterns you repeat in our life by creating more choice. We may gain new skills for understanding, changing and letting go of those things which hold us back from a fuller life. And, we may create an environment where our own happiness is a noble goal, to be pursued with courage, honor, dignity, and passion.
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